Chemical Element Labels For Crayons Help Kids Learn Periodic Table

When your children love to make drawings using crayons in their multifarious colors, you can as well exploit their craze for drawings to make them learn Periodic Table in the process. With this idea in mind came the sale of “Chemistry Crayon Labels” for as low as US$3 on the Que Interesante Etsy store. Then a relationship between the labels and the crayons in a scientific way was also evolved.

For this, “Flame Test” came in handy which is an analytical way to identify the presence of an element based on the color of flame produced. For instance, lithium burns red while barium burns green. Likewise, all elements have a color while burning. And the children thus learn easily all the elements in the Table. Color fascinates them.
Word count:129 (13-04-2016)

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